Monday, August 29, 2011

August's "Moon" Bag

This month in the Amy Butler challenge, we were supposed to make a Fringed Hobo bag.  I opted out of the fringe and used some piping instead.  I made the large version of the bag.  I'm not entirely happy with the bag.  As is typical with many of Amy Butler's patterns, the bag is huge.  I don't mind the biggness of the bag.  However, the straps for the large bag end up being really short.  And I feel like the opening is a bit too small for the size of the bag.  I mean, this is a big bag.  You should be able to fit some big things in there.  But, nope.  The opening is too darn small. 

Because of the overall roundness of the bag, I call it my "Moon Bag."  I'm sure I'll find a use for it, even given its flaws of the small opening.  I like the fabric selection and I think the piping is cute.  I think next month's bag might be a little more useful to me, though.