Thursday, March 10, 2011

156 blocks later!

Well, our group did it!  We sewed 156 blocks to create thirteen 12-block quilts over the past year.  During our reveal party yesterday, we got to see all the blocks which are all going to make gorgeous quilts!  I was amazed by the talent and dedication in that room.  I took lots of pictures and am highlighting a few below.  Excuse the wrinkles!  Some of these squares have been in their paper bags for an entire year!

Cheryl's beautiful squares in yellow, red, gold, and white.

Leann's lovely blocks in sage, rust, and beige

Lindsey's cheerful quilt in purple, turquoise, and orange

Jeannine's contemporary quilt in white, red, blue, and brown. 
Check out the mannequin dress square!  Adorable!

Jeanne's delightful quilt in shades of brown, beige, rose, and sage

Diane's cheery squares in beige, brown, orange, and blue. 
Love the basket of flowers (upside-down in my picture)!

Jackie's pastel fabrics in 1930s reproduction fabrics.  So lovely...

Allison's gorgeous squares in primitive plaids and checks.

Jane's festive holiday quilt in red and green!

Maria's soothing colors of turquoise and green.  I love it!

Pam's splendid quilt of purple and green, including some batiques!

Bobbie's stunning quilt of pastel blue, green, yellow, and green. 
I think I see another dress in there! 

And here's mine in lovely yellows and blues.  Look at the adorable embroidered heart, sewn by Maria, who added a special touch to everyone's quilt.

This quilting experience was an absolute joy for me.  I had such a wonderful time during our party yesterday and am so impressed by the quilts.  I hope the group will attempt to do this again?  Maybe with a little break for a while?  I'll keep you posted!


  1. It's amazing to see everyone's blocks. I want to challenge everyone to finish their quilts so we can post the final versions. What a great experience!

  2. How about the end of this year? Just the top pieced with borders so we can see everyone's. I had a great time and enjoyed the unveiling of each block.

  3. That sounds like a good deadline...I second the motion to do a reunion at the end of the year with finished tops and/or finished quilts!

  4. I agree! Let's try to get them done by the end of the year! :)